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Just a safe bet for me, I do swear a bit, and it is not on purpose, but I am not going to censor myself. Plus I know my opinions are different then most people out there, so in other words, I am not trying to offend anyone, it just might seem that way. I just figured I'd give a heads up.

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What's going on? That is probably what you are thinking right now. Well, Red Waffle is getting a remodeling job... again. Yes, that is correct, the old Red Waffle you new and loved, is now gone. But do not loose sleep over it. THis will become, hopefully, a much better site that will actually have a perpose. Besides that, it will hopefully be updated a lot more frequently, and hopefully be much more entertaining. I know, I said hopefully quite a bit. Well, that is because I lie to myself a lot, and I am trying to cut done on that. Plus, how the hell am I suposed to know what you find entertaining and interesting. For all I know you could love the old site and hate this up-and-coming site, but just don't tell me. What am supose to do read minds? Anyway, keep checking back to see the new updates, and please, let me know what you think. Honestly, I mean if you hate it, tell me. I am paranoid anyway, so I think you hate it anyway. Anyway, enought rambling, I have a site to finish.

Well, the whole website idea started senior year in high school where I had to come up with a computer project. I thought a website would be a cool idea. So I started on based on stuff I liked. But I never updated it, and wasn't too informational. That website still exists out there, check my links page if you are interested, heaven help you if you are.

Then I thought I would make a website that didn't revolve around copyrighted stuff. Which is one of the reasons for the weird site name. I wanted to come up with something different and interesting. Red Waffle seemed to be the best thing at the time that came to me. It kind of stuck, and I like it a lot.

The first version of Red Waffle revolved around me, but wasn't that interesting. I basically listed stuff I owned, and was mainly used more for my own purposes. I tried making it somewhat interesting, but it turned out quite boring. The most interesting part was the quotes page, which I am thinking about returning to this version. I desided the website needed a revamp, and this is it.

This new site will consist of a journal telling the happenings in my life, which will hopefully be updated at least once a week. I will also include reviews of new stuff I've watched. Hopefully this will also be updated at least once a week. It all depends on how much new stuff I see. Then there will be a section that I hope will contain fun and interesting stuff, I just haven't figured out what yet. Then I will have a section where I will share information about things I made and produced. Then the links and info about me. Well, there you go, this is what you can expect of the new Red Waffle.